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Estate 2.1 with flat or rounded lid

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 JensenGrill has a vision: to create inspiration for culinary creativity. The overall goal is to take the inconvenience, time and planning out of barbecuing, and create an outdoor cooking experience so pleasant and effortless, that all your energy and inspiration can be channelled where they need to be: into creating barbecue culinary masterpieces!

The barbecue combines charcoal/briquettes and gas in one flexible unit, so you can choose between charcoal/briquette-grilling or gas-grilling, or a combination of the two. The gas grill is ready when you are. But many still prefer charcoal partly because of the excellent taste char-grilling provides, and partly because of the traditions and pleasure of cooking on open coals.
The gas burners are used to ignite the coals making them ready within 10-15 minutes. The charcoals can be supplemented by one or more burners at all times if more heat is needed. The clever height adjustment mechanism makes it easy to control the heat from the coals and flare up by altering the distance between the charcoals and the grate. Altogether, this means that JensenGrill is your perfect allied regardless of the season.

The design is timeless, and inspired by the classic country kitchen style. Clean, smooth lines and surfaces make the barbecue a harmonious unit; all parts integrate naturally into the overall design.

Estate 2.1 comes with either flat or rounded lid.
Estate 2.1 is produced from extraordinary catering cleaning friendly Duplo stainless steel alloy (304).

Extras equipment for Estate 2.1: side burner, side table, rotisserie, grill lamp gas cylinder compartment etc..

Estate 2.1 is also ready for Nature Gas.




Use the coal tray and grate cleaning handling tool
Direct heat – both coal trays placed in the same side
Even heat – Coal trays placed with spacers on both sides

Indirect heat – coal trays placed in either side
Coal trays easy to handle and also refillable (included)

Smoking plates for coal trays and also refillable (included)
Radiation heated cabinet with shelf and catch pan
Cabinet with heat, transportation tray and catch pan

The gas cylinder is hidden in the gas container compartment

Powerfull sideburner that serves as a table when closed (extra equipment)

Side table in stainless steel (304)
(extra equipment)

Rotisserie with battery driven motor
(extra equioment)
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Additional information

Weight 74 kg

Flat lid, Round lid

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The Estate 1.1 comes with either flat or rounded lid.
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