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Gas cylinder compartment for Estate 1.1 models

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The gas cylinder compartment for Estate 1.1 models makes it possible to hide the gas container and can also be used as a table and it is possible to hang grill equipment on the handle.

You can also buy a cover for the gas container compartment


The gas container compartment for Estate 1.1 models is hinged to the side of the grill with two screws. Three wheels are mounted under the gas container compartment, so you can move the grill around. The gas container is inserted from behind and secured with a locking pin. On the front you will find a rack for grill equipment, racks etc. The top of the gas container compartment can be used as a table


The gas container compartmentis made in stainless steel (304) as the rest of the grill and can stand outside all year.



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Weight 11.6 kg

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