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Rotisserie for Estate 1.1 and 2.1

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As an extra equipment for Estate 2.1 and 1.1 you can attach a rotisserie – a skewer that is rotated by a battery driven electric motor. This way chicken, turkey and roast can easily be grilled evenly on all sides, without the grillmaster using time on this.

2 brackets are mounted to the grill with 4 screws, insert 2 batteries size “D” in the electric motor, and you ae ready to grill (Batteries are not included)
The meat is stuck onto the skewer. The two forks are stuck onto the meat from each side of the skewer and pushed into the meat and fastened with the two thumbscrews



Stick the skewer into the electric motor and into the motor bracket on the left side of the grill and turn the motor on. It is recommended to put an aluminium pan under the meat, to collect juices and fat dripping from the meat. This way you will avoid flare up and maybe use the gravy and juices for a sauce. When the meat is ready, open the grill, take the plastic handle included, and screw it onto the skewer on the right side for easy transport.

The skewer goes into the dishwasher and keep the electric motor inside when not being used.


Skewer and forks are made of stainless steel (304). The electric motor is driven by 2 ps. size “D” batteries, and not electric outlets are necessary.


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