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Spacers – Estate 2 and Estate 1 models

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Spacers for Estate 2 and Estate 1 models

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Tamers for Estate Mini, Estate 2.0 (2015), Estate B/S

Tamer-set for Estate Mini, Estate 2.0 and Estate B/S with three tamers. The tamers are made os high quality stainless steal.
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Frying plate Estate 3 models

The frying plate for Estate 3 models is designed with focus on safety and functionality. The frying plate is made of heavy duty stainless steel to ensure high thermal capacity and with high sides reduces the risk that any grease drips into the grill and ignites.
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Grill grate for JensenGrill

The grate is made in stainless steel and comes with a grate handle. 7 mm. stainless steel ribs
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Spacers – Estate 3 models

Spacers for Estate 3 models The spacers are made in (304) stainless steel as the rest of the grill.
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Perforated plates for coal trays (2 pcs.)

2 pcs. perforated plates 1mm thick for coal trays. Produced in highest quality Stainless steel (304). This insures a long durability.This is a new perforated plate that replaces the old kind.
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Burner Service Package for Estate B, Estate S

If your burners and cross igniters don't work anymore, we recommend this package for your Estate B or Estate S.  
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Gas main burner for – Estate 3.0, Estate 3.1, Estate 2.0 (2016), Estate 2.1, Estate 1.1 and Estate 1.0

1 ea. Gas main burner for Estate 3.0, Estate 3.1, Estate 2.0 (2016) , Estate 1.0 and Estate 1.1. Made in thick stainless steel (304).
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